Investment Management

Traditional Investing

  • This is the most fundamental type of investment, where a portfolio manager purchases stocks, bonds, and other assets in accordance with the objectives of the investor.

Hedge Fund Investing

  • Hedge funds are financial vehicles that employ unconventional tactics to increase profits, such as borrowing money and employing derivatives.

Private Equity Investing

  • Purchasing interests in private businesses that might not be publicly traded on stock exchanges is a private equity investment.

Real Estate Investing

  • Buying properties with the intention of generating rental income or capital growth over time is involved.

Mutual Fund Investing

  • Mutual funds are financial instruments that aggregate the cash of numerous individuals and make investments in a variety of assets.

Portfolio Management

  • This general term refers to all other types of investment management, in which portfolio managers are responsible for managing the entire investing process—from choosing investments to keeping track of their performance and acting when necessary.

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